About Us


Pellon® is a not just a brand – it’s a creative foundation and truly “The Magic in the Middle” for all types of projects. Ask any quilter or sewer and they’ll tell you which Pellon® products they rely on day in and day out. We take pride in our history and the fact that we’ve been the leading innovator in the areas of home sewing, quilting, crafting and fiber art for the past 50 years.

With both headquarters and main production located in Clearwater, Florida; our supply chain allows for maximum efficiency and quality control through all stages: producing, converting, packaging, warehousing, shipping, and customer service. Our interfacing products contain top quality fibers made through state-of-the-art processing in the non-woven, woven, and knit ranges. We have interfacings for apparel, home craft & décor, quilting, fusible webs, and embroidery stabilizers. As we continue to expand, we have also quickly become the go-to batting brand for both beginner and advanced quilters and sewers.

We launched this site in 2011 with a few primary goals: to provide a source of online inspiration for quilters, crafters and sewers; to offer tips & techniques for using our products; and to educate users on the wide range of products that we carry. We’ve been working hard to accomplish all three, a process which is ongoing, ever evolving and always exciting. We offer a full product section with detailed information about all our offerings from interfacings to battings to specialty products and more. If you’re looking to find our products, we’ll do our absolute best to steer you in the right direction!

Thank you for visiting! We hope that you’ll take a moment to explore and that you leave feeling a little bit more inspired!

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