420 Fashion Fuse™ Fusible Leather Backing

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Pellon® 420 Fashion Fuse™ Fusible Leather Backing is a lightweight, nonwoven, fusible interfacing that fuses at a low to medium temperature, making it ideal for use with natural and imitation leather and furs. It adds structure and definition and will support the shape of a project without affecting the hand or causing hardening. Use Fashion Fuse™ in purses, accessories, coats and other apparel.

  • Natural
  • Acid-Free 70% Rayon/30% Polyester
  • 18″ by-the-yard width
  • Lightweight, nonwoven, fusible interfacing
  • Will not affect hand of material or hardening
  • Sewing machine safe
  • Machine wash warm or cool on gentle cycle. Tumble dry low or dry clean.





General Directions:

1. Following pattern piece, cut Fashion-Fuse™ to desired size. We recommend incorporating the Fashion-Fuse™ into the seams, which will help prevent difficulties below the sewing foot.
2. Place your material right side down on your ironing board.
3. Place fusible (shiny or rough) side of Fashion-Fuse™ against the back of your fabric.
4. Based on your pre-test, set iron at required setting with NO steam.  Press gently in place in a back and forth motion for 10 seconds.  DO NOT PUT PRESSURE ON THE IRON.  Continue until entire area is fused.
5. Allow the fused items to cool down for approximately 30 minutes on an even surface so the adhesive can set properly.  If not completely fused, raise the temperature of your iron slightly and repeat step 4.

Tip:   When working with leather or imitation leather, you may wish to use a dry press cloth on top to further protect your material.

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